Inventory Analyst

Top Dog’s Inventory Analyst is a powerful analysis tool that provides a new level of insight into the performance of your business. Inventory Analyst captures line item information from almost any operational system and aggregates that data into easily digestible views.

These views represent a comprehensive picture of your inventory demands empowering your organization to forecast need and manage inventory levels for the future, maximizing efficiency and profitability. This enhanced inventory analysis will significantly improve the ability of any organization to manage inventory requirements while reducing dead stock, manage inventory turns and transfers between warehouses while also reducing back orders.

It is no longer necessary to manually prepare time consuming reports in Excel that have the possibility of introducing inaccuracies in the information. Inventory Analyst allows both the purchasing organization and management to access the latest, most accurate company purchasing information any time during the month to see how the company is performing. Performance reporting allows accurate comparisons of information for the current period, to the previous period, to the same period last year and year to date this to year to date last year.

The Top Dog Inventory Analyst will begin to pay for itself the moment you begin to use it. Organizations can easily carry multiple millions of dollars of inventory across all branch locations. There is always an opportunity to reduce inventory levels. Without the tools for oversight of inventory management, the identification of slow moving and dead stock and dynamic re-order points makes it near impossible to make these inventory reductions.

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    Inventory Analyst Benefits

    • Superior Oversight to Help Detect and Reduce Billing Errors
    • Provide Superior Margin Analysis
    • Superior Vendor and Item Analysis
    • Monitor Personnel Productivity
    • Better Customer Reporting
    • Improve Reporting Prepared for Major Customers
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    Inventory Analyst Features

    • Summary Analysis for a Contiguous Time Period Displays Units Sold, Sales, Cost, Gross Profit, GP%, Average GP/Unit
    • Trend Analysis Displays 12 Rolling Periods
    • 2 Level Analysis, much like the Unit Analysis, but with the Added Feature of Reporting X within Y
    • Matrix Analysis allows for the Analysis of 2 Independent Data Attributes, one displayed on the Rows the other on the Columns
    • Dashboard
    • Flexible Inventory Aging Analysis
    • Inventory Turns Analysis
    • Inventory Reorder Analysis
    • Top N / Bottom N Analysis
    • Drill to Source Data